Montenegro - Wild beauty

Dear people, nature lovers, curious about culture, history and way of life of this small piece of Balkans named Montenegro, we are expecting you with arms wide open and great enthusiasm.

Thanks to different jobs that we did in tourism industry we were able to discover almost every hidden corner of Montenegro, and to experience all the warmness and hospitality Montenegrin people are famous for.

So no matter if you are situated in the southern part of Montenegro enjoying warm sea and smell of pine forest , and you want to make your holiday more active and interesting,  have some business meetings in Podgorica and want to relax for certain hours or days, or you intend to explore wild north of Montenegro and its pristine natural beauties, you can count on us and our enthusiasm to share everything we know about one of the smallest but also one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

People are different and have different experiences and preferences, which makes tour planning challenging, but it’s something that inspire us to tailor every tour in unique way and to always spice it up differently.

Welcome to Montenegro, it will be our pleasure to meet you!