Church of the resurrection of Jesus Christ
Photo by Danilo Pendo

Youngsters of Podgorica swimming to find holly cross which was thrown to the river by Montenegrin Metropolitan

Podgorica is the city founded on waters, on five rivers, and is among the greenest cities in Europe.

According to the records that was found in St. George church, the city was founded in 10th century. In ancient times the area of Podgorica was settled by Illyrians, Greeks, Roman invaders, Romanized natives, Celts and Tracians. It was then conquered by Germans and Avars, and ultimatelly inhabitted by Slavs. 

In two or tree hours of easy walking you will be able to see almost all atractions of the city. With our help, the history of Montenegrin capital and the mentality of local people will not be a secret for you anymore...


Millenium bridge
Photo by Danilo Pendo

Moscow pedestrian bridge Photo by Danilo Pendo