Montenegro is a real paradise for nature lovers and everyone who like outdoor activities. Its a country with five national parks covering more than 10% of the teritorry and officially the first ecolocigal state in the world, that is written in the first chapter of its Constitution.

There is a wide range of activities that one can do in Montenegro. The entire country is hiking & biking ground; there are more than 150 peaks higher than 2000 m, 3000 km of well marked hiking trails and numerous deep river canyons for those who prefer canyoning, with Tara river canyon as the second deepest in the world. Great number of caves, beautiful lakes and mountain rivers suitable for kayaking and rafting will deepen your sense of closeness to nature.

Several very important wetland areas with more than 280 bird species, with famous Pelicans and Flamingos are a real paradise for birdwatchers.

Our collegues who are professional hiking & biking guides will help you discover all hidden places in Montenegrin mountains keeping you safe in your expeditions, and those of them specialised in bird watching or ornitologists will help you enjoy your days in birdwatching areas...

In the case you need bikes, or a van as a support, please contact us and we will take care of any kind of vehicle or service you need.


Experience the wild beauty of Montenegro!


Biogradsko lake photo by Veselin Batricevic

Photo by CZIP